A Passport Affair is a website for individuals looking for travel information and tips about regional cuisine and authentic experiences throughout Europe and beyond.   A Passport Affair finds activities, local businesses, unusual places to stay or interesting modes of travel that add layers of authenticity to the usual travel itinerary. My goal is to ensure my readers return home with memories, stories, and pictures you simply won’t find on a gift shop postcard.



I am an American expat in London, but I’ve led a semi-nomadic existence for the past 30 years. Before London, I moved with my 3 children and husband to various locations around the world, courtesy of the US Submarine Service. Our life of moving boxes and mayhem stayed with our family after our military life ended. Our three children live their own expat lives around the world. The Mister traded the Navy life for corporate life in London and I traded life as a teacher to create A Passport Affair, which launched as the wheels left the tarmac on a sunny, spring afternoon in 2012. It started as a way to keep in touch with friends and family around the world and quickly grew into a popular and well-regarded travel website.


I am excited about working with companies, individuals and destinations who have a passion for the landscape, food, language, and culture of a region.  I  write about properties, places, and activities I personally experience and I’m always happy to engage, partner and endorse brands I use and love. Feel free to contact me if you feel A Passport Affair is a good match for your travel-related product or service.  



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