So, what’s on the A Passport Affair travel agenda for 2015?

A Brilliant Inspiration, fueled by a great bottle of wine (thanks Teresa and Chip) and two days of being locked in the house over Christmas with a perpetual sugar rush.  May I introduce 2015…

The Year of Seven Sinful Trips

Seems fitting as my moniker is A Mistress to Travel

We played with the idea, took the decisive and well-regarded Which of the 7 Sins are You? Buzzfeed quiz and decided to stick with the Catholic Church’s original set of sins.  Which makes me wonder if this is a good idea.

collage trips

So, the sins, in order of travel preference ARE…

Gluttony, Lust, Greed, Sloth, Pride, Envy, Wrath.

wine bike trip

I’ve already sorted the Gluttony trip, which involves eating, drinking and biking? in a castle in Puglia.  I’m working on the rest.

Venice for Carnevale, 2014

Paris, Venice for Lust?  Update:  Lust was completed in February, 2015.

Should I tap literature/mythology for Greed?  Ah, the choices are endless.

Pride?  I might have to refer to this list of the countries with the most national pride.  You’ll never guess who the winner is….

I’d love to hear your suggestions, so wander over to the original announcement and leave a comment.  My readers are often my inspiration.